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Elbow Pain

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Is Elbow Pain Making It Difficult to Lift Weights, Carry Groceries, Play Tennis/Golf/Pickleball, or Carry Out Your Regular Work or Home Duties?

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We Commonly Treat the Following Elbow Conditions:

The Most Common Causes

1. Injury is caused by the repeated use of the same muscle groups without adequate mobility work or recovery time; a sudden impact or load on the tissue.

2. Impaired Mechanics: joint stiffness or decreased muscle flexibility leads to decreased range of motion; weakness and muscle imbalance

3. Chronic compensations: a previous injury or fear of future injury can cause avoidance of activity in certain muscle groups while overuse of other tissues occurs.

Renew Physical Therapy Fort Worth Approach

1. Breaking the cycle of pain requires education, manual therapy, and increased tissue mobility.

2. Improve the mechanics of the area’s joints, muscles, and nerves during daily functional tasks as well as exercise/sport-specific activities.

3. Load the tissue to increase strength, power, and endurance, ensuring that the tissues are ready for all desired demands without fear of re-injury.

Treatments for the Elbow

Important Concepts to Understand

  • Tissues mend. The body is designed to repair itself, but occasionally our system becomes stuck in the inflammatory phase of tissue repair and requires assistance to progress to the recovery phase.
  • The true cause of pain is frequently unrelated to x-ray and MRI imaging results. On imaging, tissue damage that causes no pain or functional limitations is possible. It is also possible to have pain with no visible findings on imaging, which is usually caused by nervous tissue oversensitivity.
  • Soreness after exercise is not desirable, but it is not always a cause for concern. True strength gains necessitate a system overload, which causes micro-damage. When that tissue heals, it becomes thicker and stronger than before. Soreness should be used to determine whether the tissue is ready to take on more load, whether it should remain at the current level, or whether training intensity should be reduced until the tissue is more prepared.
  • Through good education, proper mechanics, and progressive tissue loading, it is almost always possible to return to previous/desired activities.

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-The Eagar Family


We brought our 14 year old son to RENEW Physical Therapy for some issues he was having with his right (throwing) arm. He is a baseball player in his first fall of high school and he was experiencing discomfort for the first time. Renee did a thorough exam of his arm and determined he had some biceps tendonitis. Over the course of 4-5 therapy sessions, she worked him through relevant and targeted exercises to build strength and regain confidence in his throwing. She also provided a plan of therapy with exercises to do between sessions in addition to going the extra mile by contacting and informing his HS coach about the treatment plan. He is now healed, confident and has a plan to follow to keep building strength and to prevent future injuries. We are very grateful for RENEW PT and all of Renee’s efforts to get our son back on the field. We’d highly recommend her services!

Thank you!

- Tricia


Professional, personal service! Renee is an extremely caring and knowledgeable therapist. Her skills go well beyond her PT license. She is the best!