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On your first visit, you’ll meet with a physical therpist who will perform an evaluation and functional assessment on your pain or injury. Once the evaluation is complete, the physical therapist will review and discuss your plan of care. Treatment and a home exercise program will be issued based on diagnosis and time permitting.

No, you do not need a doctor’s order to start therapy. We can start treatment on your initial visit!

Physical Therapist in the State of Texas can now evaluate and treat your injury for 10 consectutive business days as long as they have met certain criteria based on the new rules and regulations regarding direct access.

In order to treat a patient without a script/referral, a physical therapist must possess a doctoral degree in physical therapy or have completed 30 continuing competence hours in differential diagnosis. If a PT with a doctoral degree has completed a fellowship or residency, the number increases to 15 consectutive business days.

Once the 10 or 15 consectutive business days have past, the physical therapist will need a doctor’s order to continue care.

Referrals can come from any of these professionals, MD, DO, Physican’s Assistant, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Dentist, Podiatrist and Chiropractor…..licensed anywhere in the United States.
We are an out-of-network cash based physical therapy practice that avoids restrictions associated with insurance based care. We believe in a patient focused environment that allows us to emphasize quality patient care over quanity patient care, a common model seen in a tradtional in-network clinic.
It just depends on your insurance company and healthcare plan based on your out-of-network benefits and deductible. Contact your insurance company to ask about reimbursement for “out-of-network Physical Therapy” expenses sent via self claim. Once you understand your benefits, you can send in “self-claim” reciepts to your insurance company for treatment you recieved from our physical therapists. Most self claim forms can be found on the insurance company’s website. Upon request, you’ll be issued a superbill receipt with treatment codes necessary to submit a self claim with instructions provided.
We are not Participating Medicare Providers, therefore we can only accecpt Medicare beneficiaries as patients when the patient does not want Medicare billed for any PT services. A Medicare beneficiary constent form, stating to not involve Medicare with payment, must be completed up front, at the patient’s own free will, before the initial visit occurs.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Renew Physical Therapy Fort Worth in West Fort Worth, TX

-The Eagar Family


We brought our 14 year old son to RENEW Physical Therapy for some issues he was having with his right (throwing) arm. He is a baseball player in his first fall of high school and he was experiencing discomfort for the first time. Renee did a thorough exam of his arm and determined he had some biceps tendonitis. Over the course of 4-5 therapy sessions, she worked him through relevant and targeted exercises to build strength and regain confidence in his throwing. She also provided a plan of therapy with exercises to do between sessions in addition to going the extra mile by contacting and informing his HS coach about the treatment plan. He is now healed, confident and has a plan to follow to keep building strength and to prevent future injuries. We are very grateful for RENEW PT and all of Renee’s efforts to get our son back on the field. We’d highly recommend her services!

Thank you!

- Tricia


Professional, personal service! Renee is an extremely caring and knowledgeable therapist. Her skills go well beyond her PT license. She is the best!